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It is important that you completely read this privacy policy before using this website. We will take your current and future use of the Buy Back Pros services as your total consent to be legally bound by the conditions of this agreement.

This document describes the information that Buy Back Pros collects about users, our process for collecting said information, and our procedure for using, sharing, and protection such personal information on our website.

Do not use the services if you have any disagreement, no matter how slight, to any provision of this policy.

We may occasionally review and revise this privacy policy as we consider fit and will do this without prior notice to you. Your use of our website after any changes are published shall mean that you are in full agreement with the modified privacy policy.

It is, therefore, important that you check back on this page occasionally for any revisions so that you are always knowledgeable about the type of personal information that we collect and how we use such information.


Part 2, Section 1 – How we collect your personal information

Willingly provided personally Information: This category comprises of any personal information that you make available to Buy Back Pros when you register to use our services. The information required under this category may include your legal name, phone number, physical address, and other important contact details.

Automatically provided non-personal information: This category comprises of private information may be provided automatically to us by your device when you use our website and services, including but not limited to your time and date stamps, internet service provider (ISP), IP address, operating system, browser information, clickstream data, as well as your exit and referring pages. You understand that automatically provided non-personal information is not personal and does not identify you as an individual.

Payment information: We may ask you to provide payment information that will allow us to make payment for your item. This may include PayPal information, bank information, or any other information that we deem necessary.

Part 2, Section 2 – How we use your information

To make available the service that you ask for;

To manage the provision of our services, including receiving the item you are offering for sale;

To authenticate and validate your identity;

To make our customer relations services available to you;

For marketing purposes; and/or

To respond to any complaints and queries that you may have.

Part 2, Section 3 – How we may disclose your personal information

We may disclose/make available your personal information to the following third parties and under the following circumstances:

To conform with regulatory requirements and relevant laws, including without limitation any governmental authority and/or to discover and/or avert fraud and other financial crimes;

With service providers that help us carry out some of our functions. This may include transport companies, courier companies, etc. You must, however, understand that we will reveal your private information to them in accordance with confidentiality obligations that are in line with this privacy policy. These service providers are also under strict instructions to use your personal information only on for Buy Back Pros’s work and to carry out our instructions.

We may also share your private information with any third party that you ask us to.


Part 3, Section 1 – How we use cookies

We deploy cookies, as many websites do. When you first visit our website, we will use cookies to capture and remember some information about your browser so that we can recognize you, your browser, and your preferences the next time you use our website. This technology thus allows you to have a more fulfilling and more personalized experience on the Buy Back Pros website.

You are free to disable cookies on your browser. If you do so, however, you may be unable to use a lot of the characteristics that help users enjoy our website and use it with ease.

Part 3, Section 2 - Children’s privacy

The Buy Back Pros website provided services and uploaded content, are designed for adults only and are not intended for the consumption of children. It is, therefore, not our policy to purposely collect personal data from children younger than 18, except as permitted by the law or as allowed by parental consent.

Part 3, Section 3 - Personal information security

Buy Back Pros does its best to keep users’ personal information as safe as is humanly possible by implementing a host of security measures, which include but are not limited to technical, administrative, and physical measures.

We also use the Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology and have a policy of ensuring that users’ personal information can only be handled by a small number of authorized professionals who use the information for no other purpose, except as we have laid down.

Despite our care, you understand that we will not be liable to you for any breach of and unauthorized access to your personal information.

Part 3, Section 4 – Third-party sites 

Where we provide links to other websites, services, products, software, and applications, of other companies, organizations, and businesses, we advise that you very carefully read their policies, including their privacy policies, and be accepting of such a site's policies before continuing to use the website. We are not responsible for or condone the privacy policies of any linked website.

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