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Skip that hassle of selling your phone or electronic devices in person. Try Our Facebook Marketplace alternative instead.

A Safer, Easier Way to Sell Your Old Phone

All old cell phones and electronics should be recycled to prevent dangerous materials from ending up in landfills and the environment. However, while Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to sell and recycle many different items, electronic devices aren’t among those items.

If you want to get the best possible price for your old electronics fast, you might want to consider a reputable alternative to Facebook Marketplace instead. Find out how easy it is to sell your phone online today with Buy Back Pros, LLC.

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Why Is Buy Back Pros, LLC a Better Alternative to Selling on Facebook Marketplace?

There are many great reasons to choose a site that specializes in electronics. Here are just some reasons to choose our Facebook Marketplace phone buy-back alternative for your next phone trade-in:

  • Get an instant offer instead of waiting for the right buyer to come along
  • Convenient service, with no meeting strangers in-person
  • We restore your device to factory settings, so your data is safe
  • Support is available if something goes wrong
  • We accept phones in any condition, whereas many local buyers need a working device

What Types of Electronics Can We Accept?

Do you have a lot of old electronic cluttering up your home? You may be able to trade them all in at once. We accepted laptops, phones, tablets, gaming devices, and more. Head over to our seller’s page for everything we buy.

How Does Our Facebook Marketplace Smartphone Trade-In Alternative Work?

Step 1: Get a Price

All you have to do to get an offer is answer a few questions about the model and condition of your phone. It should only take a few minutes.

Step 2: Print Your Shipping Label

Shipping is on us! If you are happy with our offer, all you have to do is print your shipping label and send your device.

Step 3: Get Your Money

We will issue your payment as soon as we get your phone. You can choose direct deposit or check.

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A Safer Phone Trade-In Experience

At Buy Back Pros, LLC, our mission is to reduce the number of electronic devices that end up in landfills. We know that the best way to do that is to provide you with the easiest and most secure recycling process. Our customer service team is always here to answer any questions or address any concerns. Sell your phone today.

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How Much Will I Get for My Device?

Your final offer will depend on several factors, including condition, model, and age. However, we are committed to giving you the best price possible–no haggling with local buyers.

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Skip Facebook Marketplace. Send Your Device to Us Instead

If you want to clear the unwanted electronics from your home, we’d love to buy them. Get the process started today. 

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