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Selling your Mac may seem like a task that could be very confusing and stressful. Unlike a phone or tablet, a Mac may have cost you upwards of a thousand dollars. This means it could be a much bigger disappointment when it becomes damaged or stops working. Although sad about the distressed state of your Mac, at Buy Back Pros we want to make this parting of ways less painful by paying you the best value for your laptop. If your Mac isn’t damaged that’s fine too! Brand new and in the box or a cracked screen and keyboard covered in wine, we will still buy it! To further assist our customers, here is how the process works:


We will ask you a few multiple choice questions about your Mac. You will be asked the year, screen size, model, type of processor, hard drive, any accessories being sold with it, and the condition of your Mac.


Once you have provided us with what we need to know we will make you our best offer!


As soon as you “Accept” our offer, you get to tell us how you want to be paid!


Now we just need your shipping information so we can instantly provide you with a free, prepaid shipping label.


After you package and send us your device we, get to the best part! As soon as we receive your Mac we will send you your payment!! It’s that easy to turn your old Mac into cash!