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What model iPod do you have?

Where it all began. Most of us have an old one lying in the bottom of a drawer or stuffed in an old gym bag. Or it could be a newer one you got with your purchase of a Mac or as a gift. No matter how old or new, damaged or never been used, Buy Back Pros will help you turn that iPod into cash! Here’s how easy it is to do that:


Select the type of iPod you are selling.


You will be asked the generation and condition of your iPod.


Now we know all the information we need to make you our best offer! Once you “Accept” you get to tell us how you want to be paid.


All that’s left to do is tell us your shipping information so we can instantly provide you with a free, prepaid shipping label. Once you package and ship your iPod, your part is done!


Now for the most rewarding step in this process! As soon as we receive your iPod we will send you your money!