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With technology constantly making improvements, the iPad is no different. There are now different sizes, generations, and styles of iPads and, much like our phones, these devices also can become cracked and damaged over time. But even if your iPad is still in pristine condition, you may no longer use it or want to upgrade to a newer version. No matter the reason you wish to part with your device, at Buy Back Pros we are happy to buy your used iPad at its fullest value! We work hard to make our selling process easy and rewarding for our customers. To help you understand the process of selling your iPad, we will break it down for you here:


We need to know what type of iPad you are selling.This includes the generation, the memory, and the condition.


You will be presented with the best offer based on the provided information. At this point you will then be asked to “Accept” the offer and tell us how you want to be paid!


We will need your shipping information so we can instantly provide you with a free shipping label. You then may package your iPad and send it our way!


The best part is that, once we receive your iPad, we will send you your money right away!