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device Apple TV

An Apple TV may have served as the main source of entertainment in your home. It could have been the vessel that provided you and your family or friends with hours of entertainment. Which is why it can be devastating when it breaks. Or maybe it is just something you don’t want to see thrown out like it was nothing, when it’s time to upgrade. No matter the reason you’re looking to sell your Apple TV, Buy Back Pros wants to give you the best value and make this process as easy and rewarding as possible. To help our customers understand how this process works, we would like to clearly explain how simple it really is:


You will need to tell us the generation and condition of your Apple TV.


Once we know this information, we will instantly make you a cash offer for your Apple TV!


Now you can “Accept” our offer and tell us how you want to be paid!


You then provide us with your shipping information. Then we will provide you with a free, prepaid shipping label for you to attach to your packaged Apple TV.


As soon as we receive your Apple TV we will send you your money!