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Is a Scam?


It's tempting to leave it at that, but like most people you probably want cold hard facts and proof.

First of all, Buy Back Pros LLC is not that annoying person that keeps contacting you about shipping your unwanted goods to Nigeria since after all they’re the price. We’re almost certain that he’s a scam, so watch out for those types of stories.

Secondly, let's discuss how you can tell if someone is scamming you. Scamming someone is easier than ever thanks to the anonymity of the Internet and con artists being able to hide behind a keyboard. You'll find people selling fake gift cards/miles on Craigslist, spyware hidden in your ‘free’ toolbar, and plenty of websites that claim that you are the 1,000,000th visitor and won a prize.

The whole point of scamming someone is to get money as quickly as possible with the least if any amount of work. If one is scamming someone, here are the things you DON'T do:

  • You don’t display your phone number
  • Your website is not secure (SSL)
  • You don't spend the time or money on a functional website
  • You don't list any information that can be used to identify you
  • You don't answer questions or concerns, or if you do, you try to be as vague and generic as possible
  • You don't engage in social media because people can use it to find you
  • You don't use a real registered name

Take a look at Buy Back Pros LLC:

Physical Address

We're located in the great state of Missouri. Our full address? Right here:

Our headquarters address is:

Buy Back Pros LLC
PO Box 411602
St. Louis, MO 63141

Our Chicago mailing address is:

Buy Back Pros LLC
PO Box 10124
Chicago, IL 60610

Come visit! We even do local on the spot trade ins.

Our Website

You don’t want to begin to look at the time and cost we’ve put into this website. Frankly, it's sickening. Daily updates don't come free. And let's be honest, our interface kind of rocks on every platform. This isn't a free Wix.Com website.

Our History

BuyBackPros.Com started in the home office of our founder, Sam Herwitz. For more about the company click here.

Social Media

Yep - we have social media too. Here's our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.